2015-2019 CHEVY 2500/3500 FRONT WIY BUMPER KIT

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Are you a welder? Do you know a welder? Does a welder owe you money? Well now you can get them to pay you back!

Introducing our brand-new, weld-it-yourself line of mandible brand bumpers! With all the style and strength you've come to trust in a neat, simple to assemble package.

Only five total components making up the body, two mount plates, four light mounting provisions, and two trim pieces. We'll throw in a fancy set of assembly instructions to make it even easier. Should be able to slap this bad-boy together with just an afternoon and a six pack. (The beer, that is. Although the abs wouldn't hurt either) 

All 3/16" steel body construction and only 135lbs installed. As always, proudly 100% designed, owned, and manufactured in Western Canada.


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